I Failed… But, I’m Trying Again

As an adult, the thing to do when faced with setbacks is to keep your eye on the goal and adjust accordingly as you go along. This is where I failed; I took my eye off the goal.



Thanksgiving day, what am I thankful for? The list is endless. Top on the list however, due to it's fresh nature, is finally living with my mum after six long years. Today marks one week since I arrived safely at the United States and was reunited with my mother and darling brother. (Thankful) As I go … Continue reading Love


Goo...d Morning!! Today is an awesome day. It's especially special because it's my big bro's birthday. Special shout to you my dearest brother Mwaniki Mbuthia. I know it's been a while since I posted anything on here, but just incase y'all were wondering, yes, am still alive. When a baby is born, they can't walk. … Continue reading CRAWL