Eight or Higher

Yesterday, I mentioned how much I love stories. I really enjoy reading books and watching movies. Mostly though, I enjoy watching TV shows. One of my favorite sitcoms is “How I Met Your Mother”. I have watched the entire series more than five times through. And I’d still watch it again and again. Today, I’d like to share a short story from the show that taught me a pretty important life lesson.

In case you’ve never seen or heard of it, here’s a little intro: It’s a story about a group of friends living and working in New York City during their late twenties, into their thirties. Marshall and Lily are married, and the other three are still looking for love in the big city. Because they’re married and seem to have their life together, Marshall and Lily are like the parents in the group. Well, until they have a baby and become actual parents. Since they’re spending most of their time taking care of their baby, they don’t have much time to help their friends out with trivial issues. Marshall makes a rule that from now on, they are only to ask for help if the seriousness of the issue rates at eight or higher.

I feel like, in my life, this is how I see God. A friend of mine once mentioned that she asks God what she should wear before leaving the house. I remember rolling my eyes when I heard his and thinking, “Surely God doesn’t care about what you’re wearing. He has bigger things to worry about.” Things that are an eight or higher. Lately though, I’ve started thinking that maybe she was on to something.

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”

I’ve known this scripture by heart for a long time. And for the longest of that time, I only focused on the part about trusting him and not relying on your own understanding. Unfortunately, I only acknowledged him in some of my ways. The eights and higher. But I’m learning that, to have a genuine relationship with God, I need to recognize His presence in all areas of my life. What t-shirt I wear to work today may not really make a difference in the grand scheme of things, but it is a piece of the puzzle of life that contributes to the whole. And Gods wants to be involved in it.

Eventually, Marshall and Lily realized that by restricting their interactions with their friends to an eight or higher, their relationship suffered. Their friends stopped coming to them even when their problems were a solid ten. They learned their lesson. Instead of pushing their friends away to make time for taking care of the baby, they chose to share the burden.

If I make a habit of acknowledging God in the little things, like deciding what I’ll have for lunch, then it will get easier to involve Him and to hear from Him when I’m making a big decision. When I acknowledge His presence in the calm, I won’t start worrying that He has left me when the storm comes.


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